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Specialized Armament

It’s not often to meet on market a brand that runs for almost 3 decades. Such companies have a very good reputation and a huge customer base. This statement is also related to a brand mentioned before. What makes it so special and how it runs the business so successful? Usually, such businesses are total merit of enthusiasm and loyalty to the job from people who run this from the very beginning and gave it everything they had to make this company work.

About the Brand

As stated on their website, Specialized Armament exits since 1990. It’s a pretty big amount of time from that time to nowadays, which indicates how qualified owners are that could handle the business during the economic crisis, stood the competition on market for all these years and run it until now. It’s all thanks to the quality, which always was their signature feature. A proof of this can be found on their official website, where you can see testimonials from the audience. As they state – quality never quits!

However, the policy of this company is not that simple. They openly claim that their store is not for walk-in sales. Maybe such an approach granted them a good reputation and was the key feature that saved this company from failure one moment. Nevertheless, this company likes its audience and everybody is welcome to visit the warehouse located in Texas. This is not usual for any institution to let people physically attend a place where all goods come from. However, if you’re not that type of person who wants to do this, their website is nicely designed to provide you with all the needed information, so you can feel free to receive help from professional staff anytime.

What do they Offer?

Among all the good features Specialized Armament provides, there are tons of sections and they mostly dedicated to the AR-15 rifle. There you can find anything you want to make your weapon unique, customize it to your own taste and get the perfect gun for yourself.

The list of all accessories in that store is very long, but their products there are not only rifles and accessories. Here are the main categories of what do this company provides.

  • AR-15 9mm SMG & Carabine. It’s not a traditional rifle in the understanding of the audience that consists of professional weapon users. This type of gun is a sort of modification of the most commonly used version of this rifle. Here you can find everything you need to build such a gun from scratch and always feel free to come back for accessories.
  • Books, manuals & DVD. To correspond to the status of a great weapon dealer, Specialized Armament has everything its customers need if the weapons will not be enough. Among these products, there are manuals to different versions of AR-15, Colt AR-15 (by different years of release), military movies and tutorials in video format. All this stuff you can buy from this company if you want to get acquainted with this industry as close as you can.
  • Shirts. The list of endless products from this company is also contained with the merchandise. This is not a new trend when many brands have their audiences of fans or people who like the symbol company carries. Therefore, Specialized Armament decided not to stay aside from this trend and also has a section where you can find clothes with the symbol of their company.

Armorer Courses

Separate attention should be given to the section of Armorer courses. Specialized Armament cares about its audience and supports the idea of educating people in such a sophisticated and complex industry like the military. In order to provide the best quality of the courses, this company proudly states that classes are hosted by Ken Elmore, a true professional of the firearms industry. However, you must be warned that these are not regular classes that can be completed in a self-paced manner. This course developed especially for those people, who want to get to know AR-15 at its core, understand every single part of it and become a true master of weapon handling. During the classes, you will be provided with all the required inventory and spare parts (just in case). As a result, this course will give you an outstanding introduction into the firearms industry, after which you can go on and learn more about it with a nice base of knowledge.


Not many companies can provide a full specter of services to their customers in order to make them more understanding and educated. Specialized Armament is one of those companies that care about clients and they return this devotion back by supporting it for almost 30 years.

Jeremy Tradoc